So, apparently, Doctor Who was back on last night and I didn’t know. Time to try this iplayer thing, then.


Link O the day:

This is cool because:

– Petrol engines actually throw away most of the energy put into them, and have barely improved in 100 years. Austin Seven’s from the 20’s can get the same MPG as a comparable modern hatchback (it just goes a bit faster). This was a problem recognised even in the 1936 Chatterbox annual. Actually using all the energy contained in the petrol will make the earth’s shrinking supplies go a great deal further.

– The more completely you burn something, the less pollution you get. This is GCSE science. Hopefully the government is slow to react and still bases car tax on carbon dioxide emissions, so suddenly everybody who ‘upgrades’ will get insanely cheap tax.


Oh also I have a blogroll but for some reason the links don’t appear. Still it’s better than my Japan blog where everything you can click on takes you back to it’s main page. I have done NOTHING different in the settings of these blogs to the settings of my comic blog, which works properly. So I have no clue what’s going on. I might have to delete the Japan one and start it again from scratch.

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