Them DVD’s I bought yisty…



Looks like I’ll be going back for the actual discs too, then XD. Well these shops do have a high turnover of volunteers, suppose they don’t always know the procedures.

Anyway. I’m working on issue 5 of my comic. I often “cheat” with perspective by creating google sketchup renderings of things I need to draw, and then trace the outlines of print-outs. With buildings and that a few boxes will do, but for more complicated things there’s always the model warehouse. However, for more complicated things of my own imagining, I have to bite the bullet and battle with 3D modelling myself…


With masses of unessescary lines because Sketchup refused to just fucking cooperate and fill in the surface.


 One Ion engine, two Scramjets. Yes I know Ion engines are “crap”, this is over 150 years in the future and that cockpit is a 3-man one, giving you some idea of the scale!


Spaceship away

Oh also if I didn’t want to emigrate to a country where “Tattoos” automatically means “Criminal” (Though Yasue has some she’s Japanese, so can get away with one “offence”. Being a gaijin and tattooed is two “offences” XD) I’d get a ‘slag tag’ saying “Enquire Within”.

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