Them DVD’s I bought last week



That’s better. Didn’t even need the recipt, though I could have sworn it was in one of them but it wasn’t earlier today!

Also we somehow seem to have avoided the rain here, it was really hot, then got cold and windy and grey… and then went hot again. Win. Has there been a flash flood anywhere? There always seems to be one every couple of years when there’s a heavy downpour.

Oh and I also got an interesting book. It’s called “A Supreme Book for Boys”, is published by Dean and contains mostly text stories with line illustrations. Ah, so it’s from the 50’s then?



Wait a minute though, that’s a Ford Anglia and Mini Clubman… being banger raced! That’s because this book is actually from 1973! In addition to the text stories about jungle adventures (this time by people writing books rather than empire-builders), boarding schools and “Famous Five” type kids there’s also one comic strip (with no speech bubbles and big captions) and articles about collecting butterflies and coins. The kids they were selling this to were gonna be reading Action a couple of years later!



I also got this. I’m nasty and bigoted so I judge books by their covers. I love the cover of this one! But the inside is 3 short girly stories. It looks like it’s from the early 1890’s though there’s no date I can see on it. Oh well it looks pretty on a shelf XD

I had a cool dream last night, where Ely and Cambridge were kind of amalgamated, and “around the cathedral/university” there was a whole other “part” of the town centre with loads more interesting shops. One of these was a giant indoor market that looked a bit like a sea fort. Anyway among it’s many crammed-together stalls selling masses of white fabric was a giant bookstall selling the new “UK version” of Classics Illustrated – but also loads of other publishers had decided to imitate the “success” of this comic and were knocking out their own versions! I was sweeping up classic adaptions by the armful… I’d like to say “if only it would really happen” but in the real world, between Classics Illustrated, Campfire and Classical Comics I think we’re covered. Mind you the ones in the dream were a pound each.

Some other stuff happened in the dream that I, as I woke up, thought would make a great story for my comic. But I can’t remember it now.

The nigh before I had a dream about a girl I lived at uni with selling her R1, but the only place she was advertising it was on a notice halfway up a lamp post at the back of a car park in a retail park. My dad wanted to buy it XD. That dream also featured this wicked mk1 Capri…


One o them

Except it was all metallic black, with some red strips on the sides behind the doors and “INTIMIDATOR” on the wings. It also had fat tyres on Rostyles and a cage. I wanna dream about things that cool every night!

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