Who remembers these?


They were a band and a half weren’t they?


Oh yeah I also got a cable to connect my new phone to the computer. So now I can present the new and correctly spelled (well actually I might have got the second character of Lord Haw Haw’s name wrong) sign that I’d put up if I ever end up running a pub in Japan:


One who has a door behind him and is shown out of it.

Though of course I’m actually going to be a McEnglish McTeacher and then end up as a bland Salaryman. I’m under no illusions as to the spartan and difficult existence I’ll lead in a completely different country many thousands of miles away. But we can’t help who we fall in love with. And I’ll never ever have any truck with commie shitstabbers like Mr Potato Head and the day I do is the day I lose a game of chicken with the Yamanote Line.

Oh and of course I’ll still have a subscription to DC Thomson’s Commando comic, draw jingoistic British Adventure comics, drive elderly, noisy and unsafe cars and bring any children we may have up on a diet of Sexton Blake, Billy Bunter and Sapper. AND listen to Saxon because they’re wicked.


The cable also means I can spam a whole 3 pictures of my cat.

sz02.jpg – sz03.jpg – sz04.jpg

Not amused.


I’ve got a busy weekend ahead. On Saturday it’s either Classic VW’s or Retro Drag Racing at Santa Pod. Either way there will be wicked pictures. On Sunday I’m going to be VIP guest of the Honda team at the British Superbikes. Like ya do.


Oh and I’m thinking of writing a 2011 version of “Glad to be gay” that laments the current state of Broken Britain , a land full of quotas and history months, that will contain the line “I can’t help but think that it’s… kind of our fault”.

Top Gear is back!

The best show on telly was back on last night, Top Gear! It was a cracking episode too, with reviews of the BMW 1M (I like the 1 series saloons even though they are about the size of an 80’s 3 series!) and it also featured an original rallying Mini. But the show was stolen by a great big crowd of E-Types invading a picturesque village. To be honest I didn’t really rate the E-type much before, possibly because the only ones I’d seen pictures of were in classic car magazines where they kept saying that the cheapest way to own one was to buy the bulbous 2+2 Coupe version. However last night’s show heavily featured the wonderful 2 seat convertible versions, and colour me converted!

I’m even more converted, though, by this! The Eagle Speedster, which is basically an E-type re-made, but with “just enough” modern additions (NB: Why no that doesn’t mean airbags, satnav and a folding hardtop). It is, however, £500,000! Which is a lot for what is basically a sixties car… but if my six numbers come up I won’t even be looking at anything else.








And why yes, that does appear to be four on the floor (AKA: “The correct way”) and not six speed paddles (AKA: “The incorrect way”).

What the pictures can’t convey is the exhaust note of this thing’s awesome straight-six. Let’s just say they have somehow managed to capture the resonant frequency of the human soul. The Jag mkX does that too, but this can even do it through the TV! (The Eurofighter also makes your soul vibrate, but that’s just with sheer LOUD).

Of course if my six numbers did come up I’d also drive an eco-friendly, renewable biomass-powered vehicle regularly.


One of them.

Keeping to the theme of jingoism, the 50th anniversary issue of Commando is out now (and four others, of course). It’s number 4044 and absolutely brilliant! It also features several references to the titles of old issues. The main story is set in 1961 and features a character reading one of the first issues – which also provides a big clue in the later mystery. You might be left wondering “who told the tale?” though!


It is every patriot’s duty to own this

Also at the weekend I was reading through my volume of a short-lived story paper called Boys, and came to one of it’s semi-regular “Boys’ Book Shelf” articles. That reviewed a school story, and I thought “I haven’t read an old school story in book form for a while” (If you want a good one, look out for “The Dormitory Flag” by Harold Avery). So off I trotted to the Haunted Bookshop to get one.


That one

It’s also inscribed, which I like because I am pro-inscription! One dating from 1912 which has been crossed out and another wonkily-written and undated one added.


Pictured: A real, direct connection with everyday history, in your hands!

“Don’t mess with me – I’M AN ARCHAEOLOGIST!”

For ages I couldn’t remember the name of a wickedawesome TV series I watched a few years ago. Then I decided to search for the best quote from it (and when I finally start a metal band and headline huge festivals you can bet I’m writing a song with that title) and discovered the show was called Bonekickers!


Seriously Wikipedia? This is the best you could do?

…And apparently wasn’t very well received and won’t be returning for a second series. Well shit. All the more reason to headline massive festivals using a quote from it as a song title then.

Also according to the Wiki article it had a bad “Academic reception” with “different complaints around technical accuracy”. Fuck off you dozy cunts, it’s only a cheesy mystery series.

Duck: It’s my biiiiiiirthday!

Well actually it was Yesterday. But today at work we had a big cake for a contrived reason. My actual birthday provision for the break room was popcorn XD.

Anyway, I got a new phone.


It’s one of them

I’d now show you pictures of my cat that have been taken with it, but the memory card in it doesn’t work in a PC without being formatted, and it didn’t come with a USB cable that will fit either.

I also got a Lego motorbike


It’s one of them

That was my brothers idea.

Also at work a few days ago a woman showed up to do some temporary research practice, except when she arrived nobody knew she was coming and the bloke she’d been told would show her around was in Australia. Anyway today she apparently rang up and said she was refusing to work in such a disorganised place… and people were complaining about it! I thought it was perfectly reasonable.

Honestly, I can’t wait for the supercomputers to take over and institute the dystopian machine order.

One of my main barriers to moving to Japan…

…was that they have a tough “MOT” test and severe regulations about the construction, safety and maintenance of cars – which see’s most people buying a new one every few years. Clearly it’d be impossible to own an ancient British classic car over there, then?


Poop poop!

Maaaybe not! Barrier = removed. Don’t think I’d go quite so far back is 1929, mind you. Perhaps a 1940’s MG Y-type…

The Blackbeard thing

So yeah, it turns out that there was actually two separate Blackbeard 2-part mini series made in the mid 2000’s! The one I saw the first part of and the one I watched the last night. The one I saw the first part of was supposedly based on Blackbeard’s real life (what is known about it anyway), whereas the one I watched last night was more of a boys’ own adventure story with Blackbeard as a character. Not that his real life wasn’t a boys’ own adventure story! Wicked theme tune mind you.

This DC Comics re-launching thing got me looking at their blog, where they posted up a few character pictures of newly-redesigned heroes…


 Er… isn’t that just Gene The Hackman crossed with Shakara?


Isn’t that Durham Red??

Oh yeah, kind of glad I didn’t go to Donington now. It’s pissed down all day… still looks like Friday had the best weather and the best bands. I could have done a day ticket but I still need to save like mad.

Ye’d leave the boy here, in this den ‘o thieves?

2006: A week before going to uni, I watched the first part of a 2-part show about the notorious pirate, Blackbeard. I didn’t have a telly for the first few months there so didn’t see the second part.

2008 (or so) : My best friend at uni gave me this:


2 copies of it, actually.

2011: Time to watch the bloody thing!

Also today I got this:


2 discs for 3 episodes!

When it was originally broadcast I only saw the last episode, but have heard good things about the rest of the series!

Also Slutwalk was today but I forgot! 🙁 and after saying that “all true patriotic Britons” should go too. Oh well I’ll probably renounce my citizenship one day so I don’t suppose I really count. (Why yes it was the “Dangerous Pictures Act” and “Dangerous Cartoons Act”s that broke the camel’s back. I don’t suppose they’ll ever be repealed either… in fact, can you see any current/near future party with a ghost of a chance of getting elected repealing any law? The cunts are all in it together, one back-slapping nest of vipers, drunk on power.)

What went wrong?





I think I know what did go wrong, actually. Dirty contaminants:



When are we going to get a party that promises to immediately repeal the obscene publications act, video nasties act,  dangerous pictures act etc, and give all victims of these laws a free pardon and £10,000 compensation?

This follows on the heels of a report that says the reason Britain has the most teenage pregnancies in Europe is because Britain is the “most sexualised” society in Europe… which it just fucking isn’t. I wonder how well such a report would have been received in the days of analogue satellite TV, when we could see just how “sexualised” other societies with much lower teenage pregnancy rates actually were?

Dream machines

That Doctor Who Anime has been deleted from Youtube! And so have the trailers, so it’s likely that the BBC/Terry Nation estate asked for it to be taken down. Though hopefully only so they can employ the bloke themselves to turn it into a full and epic episode!

Let’s face it “Doctor Who Anime” is an idea that writes itself, so it will inevitably be done one day. However it’s likely that if it was done “normally” it would be done with un-detailed, cheap and crude animation, and probably be farmed out to some yank outfit with no knowledge/respect for the source material. The fact a fan-made movie “got in first” and is absolutely awesome will have put them on the back foot!

Anyway it is, for now, still viewable. Though I won’t say how.

Metatube. Free Music Zilla. Still works, With, Download it, On.

Ooops a random series of words appears to have been typed by my cat walking over the keyboard. Luckily they have no relevance to anything.



It’s my old bike!!


It’s still got a Jurassic Park sticker on it and everything!!

From the dream machine of my childhood to the one of my adulthood:


I didn’t blur the plate, the camera is just that bad

I don’t own one of these and as I want to emigrate to Japan probably never will! The sacrifices we make for love, eh? Of course my “wanted car” often revolves around a lot. In recent times it’s been a ‘rat look’ Volvo 240 saloon (proper rat look not chav rat look, which is one rusty panel and a load of stickers). Then a ’48 Chevy Fleetline Coupe, A ’54 Cadillac, A Deuce kit car (also a rat-look rod!), A Split-Screen Morris Minor and an Austin Seven. But the Capri is always number 1!