What’s the best TV show ever?

It’s a difficult question isn’t it? There’s a few candidates…

The Lock, Stock… TV Series

For: Hilarious and violent, some great characters.

Against: No fucker’s seen it.


The Fast Show

For: Putting up a tent is… very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You unzip the door, put up your pole and slip in to the old bag.

Against: It ended.


Doctor Who

For: When it’s good it’s very very good.

Against: When it’s bad it makes you taste sick at the back of your mouth.



For: Great mysterious conspiracies, and friggin’ Excalibur!

Against: Not many cars


Top Gear

For: Lots of cars.

Against: Not a great deal of crashes or fireballs.


So then, on balance what’s the best show ever? Why it’s one I can’t understand and have never seen a complete episode of!


Look upon it, ye mighty, and weep!

So why is this show the best thing ever? Well just look at the sort of thing that happens in EVERY episode.

 alarm02.jpg – alarm03.jpg – alarm04.jpeg

alarm05.jpeg – alarm06.jpeg – alarm07.jpeg

alarm08.jpeg – alarm09.jpeg

An SD1, man? That ain’t cool. Why can’t you pick on cars nobody cares about?


That’s better.

alarm10.jpeg – alarm11.jpeg – alarm12.jpeg


This scene is on Youtube. “Neeeein!” doesn’t have the same impact as  “Nooo!” somehow XD

alarm14.jpeg – alarm15.jpeg – alarm16.jpeg



This scene is also on Youtube in an extended form, the heroes battle two VW vans and then this!

The main character who has been in all the episodes (except the first two, ahem) is called Semir and various other sidekicks have been rotated over the years. The current one is rather tasty.

alarm20.jpeg – alarm21.jpeg – alarm22.jpeg

alarm23.jpeg – alarm24.jpeg – alarm25.jpeg

But anyway I suppose you want to see more crashes and exploding shit…



The rules about hazardous material markings in Germany are apparently not very strict.

 alarm28.jpeg – alarm29.jpeg – alarm30.jpeg

alarm31.jpeg – alarm32.jpeg


This scene is also on Youtube and is utterly hilarious!


They get through as many caravans as Top Gear, mind.

alarm35.jpeg – alarm36.jpeg – alarm37.jpeg

alarm38.jpeg – alarm40.jpeg – alarm39.jpeg


Unfortunately this series doesn’t appear to be available in English. There’s a big fan-site (where I nicked all the pics from, they’re probably the copyright of RTL or some shit like that) here: http://www.afc11.nl/EN/ 

That site also has some videos including a “re cap” of the series from 1995 – 2009 (with plenty of crashes!) and also a video with the various languages the series has been translated into. These include Japanese, where it’s apparently known as “Aotobaan Supeedo”. Though when I was there once I did see a huge box set with the name translated into “English” as “Alarm For Cobra 11” (though of course a better English translation would be something like “Call For Cobra 11”). Of course the actual shows would be in Japanese though. If the video on that site is anything to go by one of the voice actors actually has a go at putting on a German accent XD

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