At about 5:50 on Saturday I decided to have a re-arrange of my room (mainly to put the bed nearer the heater XD). I thought it’d take “two or three hours”. I finished at about 7:00 tonight.


Lets get goin’

Actually that picture is from the middle of the re-arrange, the dark brown shelf was on top of a cupboard and the bed was where it is. Also the books on it were where the bed now is XD. However this is before most of the other books in that picture had been moved. That was a rather, erm, chaotic process…

rearr02.jpg – rearr03.jpg – rearr04.jpg

I also made more room for things by increasing the gaps on the shelves, so more big books could fit in them the right way up rather than on their sides. I also chucked away about 100 old PC and Playstation demo CD’s full of games such as Z: Steel Soldiers and Colin McRae Rally ’98. I chucked them away from an upstairs window into a skip full of broken paving slabs, that was fun.

Oh I also found a button with yaoi on it.



Anyway now the collection is all nice and fancily arranged and even, believe it or not, in some sort of order! Plus there’s empty space to fill with even more rubbish.

rearr07.jpg –  rearr08.jpg

Oh and my desk now has empty space on it, fancy.


What am I going to do with all this?

Epic defrosting

About a week ago at work somebody told me that a freezer needed defrosting, but that it had “tons” of ice in it. “Big deal” I thought, “I once saw a fridge in a very 60’s office that was probably the original, which also probably hadn’t been defrosted since Modesty Blaise was a new thing”. Then I walked over to the small lab and saw it. Lets just say it was just like the fridge in the 60’s office but twice the size!


Oh dear


I’d started chippin’ before I started photographin’

No pansy plastic scraper was going to cut through that shit. I went straight for the big guns…


Call me the Icenator


Discovered a cavern

In one side there was a bit of blue visible (it didn’t photograph) very well. I recognised it as the top of maybe a 15ml Falcon centrifuge tube.


There was also the run of the mill quantities of ice on the other shelves. One of them had it partly frozen onto the ‘basket’ below (this thing had apparently not even been opened in 2 years). I pulled out the basket and the whole slab of ice came with it. Some progress anyway!


I went back to the main lab where I was working because a Japanese guy was apparently starting that day, and I wanted to practice on him. As of now (more than a week later) the only word I’ve said to him is “Chiisai”. I’m too shy XD

Anyway later I went back and did some more chipping.


I had emptied the box last time

The excavations revealed that actually the centrifuge tube in the ice was a 50ml, not a 15 ml. And there was rather more than just one…


I can understand one or two little 1.5 ml tubes getting stuck in the ice…


…but this is ridiiiculous!

 A few more excavations. The ice at the bottom of the compartment was actually coming off in quite big lumps despite being “softer” than the “chippable” rock-solid stuff.



And finally I reached and removed the stuff frozen in the ice.




All this was frozen in there! It’s definitely more than one 15ml tube…

Then I turned my attention to the ice on the bottom of the compartment. The top came off pretty easily mostly in one lump.




I’m glad there was this big old developing sink.

Now for the ice under the shelf. I wondered if I could “cut” it in the middle, then prise it down  so that it’d drop off in two big lumps. I was worried that doing that would bend the shelf it was on the bottom of out of shape. But that didn’t happen.


Unfortunately I didn’t consider what it’d do to the shelf below…



Nobody was around so I discreetly shoved it back into place… kind of.


Just like it left the factory!

(Luckily it turned out later the freezer was going to be thrown away anyway). I used the same tactics on the “big job”, the ice at the top of the compartment.


Now there was only a little few bits left, so I set up a box to catch the drips and called it a day.




Oh yeah, and of course I got a picture of the sum total (well mostly) of the ice removed.


Silly cat


Pace Farm

Yes, that’s an oven glove.

Also I did some epic defrosting last week at work but have been too lazy to post a proper entry about it yet. I was writing an entry about Graffix books in my comic blog and it took all bloody night. Oh well I’ll get around to the defrosting pictures soon I hope.

Still wondering if I ought to try and become an ALT in Japan again. It seems like my girlfriend doesn’t give a shit about the relationship any more and I hardly have any other reason to go there long term (it doesn’t take a year to see the Mikasa, Jimbocho and the Yasukuni Shrine!). She won’t “officially” break up with me but I consider myself “open to better offers” XD. The better offer preferably having cute hair (short on girls, long on guys) brown or black eyes and living within 50 miles!