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I can’t be bothered with any pictures.

Update: Okay, here’s two.

toddy01.jpg – toddy02.jpg

I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 and a half years a couple of weeks ago. But wasn’t really affected as i’d seen it coming for months. Mainly since July when she asked me not to text her so often.

There’s several other girls and one guy that I like around me at the moment, of different hopefulness levels. One of them is so beautiful I can hardly bear to look directly at her *-* but that clearly won’t happen because things like that don’t happen to me.

Also re-applying for the JET programme. It was all a bit last-minute. In fact I posted my paperwork after the online applications had closed. Initially I panicked because I hadn’t downloaded the PDF of the filled-in application form, but after ringing them I discovered it would be made available even after the online applications had been shut down. Now I have to wait for the postcard to be returned (ought to be in the next week or two) and then see if I have an interview or not (ought to find out in Jan/Feb).

I had a very cool dream the other night that I may turn into a story and write up on here.

Issue 2 of the newest British adventure comic, Strip Magazine, is out tomorrow. I’m going to go into Cambridge to get it on Saturday. Forbidden Planet stocked issue 1 and sold out of it, but I’m not absolutely confident they will bother to stock issue 2 (the first issue had an article about them in it). Bakuman book 8 also comes out tomorrow, they WILL stock that, but if they don’t have Strip Magazine I won’t get either from them… or anything else!