I’m going to fuckin’ Japan!


Pictured: Fuckin’ Japan

Remember I said I was thinking of applying for an ALT job? Well I’m… a coward. So Instead I’ve booked a 2-week(ish) holiday there for the end of September. The previous two occasions when I went to Japan were just wanders around Tokyo, with my then-girlfriend Yasue doing all the talking. As I’ve broken up with her now, this trip will be more about testing out my own language skills. I’m also going to make reams of notes on the prices of everything in the shops, so I’ll have a better idea of how I will survive on a private ALT company’s salary (I think I’m going to develop a taste for instant noodles).

But I’ll save posting about this to my Japan-related blog: http://thingsjapanese.crystal-knights.co.uk/

That’s also where the numerous pictures will go, though I’ll probably repeat amusing / cool ones here with swearing-filled comments.