Nice cobwebs in the grass

And right on the heels of a post about our favourite atrocity-merchant, comes a picture of a beautiful scene I saw at work one day. The sun was going down and reflecting on thousands of small cobwebs strung between grass. Shame you can only barely make out some of them in this photo, as it was taken with the phone camera.


Edge Westerns


I heard about Edge Westerns, written by George G Gilman, ages ago. I’d heard they were “going for £20-30 on Ebay”. Except actually it was more like £2-3. Anyway, when I found a few of them on a stall in Lincoln’s indoor market I jumped for joy and snapped them up at 90p apiece. I read one on the train home shortly after and, er, should have been hooked. But actually I then managed not to read any more until today.

Fast forward a bit, to my first visit to the Hilgay Book Sale (2010, if I remember rightly), and I found a few more for even less than 90p. With a decent collection and time to kill at work in the mornings, I thought I’d take number 1… and could hardly put it down. They’re highly addictive… luckily there’s 61 of the buggers, plus 6 “fanfics” published online, though they were written by the same author. The books are also being re-released on kindles and igadgets. But if you expect me to support those in any way, you haven’t been paying attention.

But what are they actually like? Well each chapter is basically an extended sick joke, and almost every chapter of every book involves at least one horrific death or maiming, lovingly described. Edge is one mean hombre, but constantly runs into people who try to rob or double cross him. Then he kills them. Occasionally he meets somebody who doesn’t try to double cross him, and usually somebody else kills them. There’s not many recurring characters.

Don’t EVER buy these!


In Japan, they have big, lovely pot noodles you can buy. Some of them even have big chunks of dried beef in sauce in them, and taste lovely. Missing them, I got this “beef flavour” one from Tesco. Except it’s not beef, it’s “spicy beef”. And by “spicy” I do of course mean “APOCALYPTIC”. My lips were going numb from merely touching it! No dried beef either.

The seafood and chicken flavours the same company do are nice, though. But I think I’ll have to troll up Mil Road and see if I can vada any decent Japanese ones.

A couple o comics

A while back, Cambridge Oxfam had a load of early 90’s Beanos in. They included this one:


Which I beleive is the first ever one that I got (though I can’t remember exactly, pretty sure it had The Pink Glove on it though). Up until then I’d been getting “Turtle Comics”, and pestered my mum to buy them whenever she went to the shop. Of course “Turtle Comics” was probably a flavour-of-the-month craze cash-in, which had been cancelled. So my mum got a “steady rock” of the British comics industry (they had such a thing in those days… just about) “to keep that brat’s mouth shut”. Now I’m a sad, single shut-in with more comic shelves than walls. Result!

On the subject of cool comics, this actually exists:


Though I only have issues 1 and 3. Better ebay the others, eh?

Essex Lion

New sighting:


Admittedly this ought to have been posted well over a month ago. Remember that Labour MP who was pulled up for saying “white people love playing divide and conquer” and got caught? (Fuck off back to yankland, we don’t want their racial-chip-on-the-shoulder disease here) I made a “racist and sexist list of sexual conquests” list in response to it, which would have been hilarious at the time.

PCCR series 2?

One of my favourite animes is Pretty Combat Communist Rika-Chan. Unfortunately after it’s first run it vanished into obscurity, even fansubs are hard to come by. But then I wandered into 2ch (Japan’s, and the original, 4chan) out of curiosity the other day, and saw this, with a long blurb:


Obligatory engrish

It looks like it’s on a whiteboard, a picture taken by somebody sneaking into a meeting room? Curiously, the post was deleted. From what I can gather, reading about Lord Haw Haw’s exploits, 2ch almost never delete posts, even when they are taken to court over them, and lose! Unfortunately I didn’t copy and paste the text down for later translation. I’ll leave you to ponder…

Japanese miscellany

These are the very few photos I took in Japan with my phone (dunno why, but all the phones I’ve taken there have had a far shorter battery life. Is the time passing more quickly because I’m having fun, or is it humidity or something?). Most of the time I left it at my hotel, as it doesn’t work there and I was only using it as a clock. I bought a watch after a while, only to lose it in Kyoto somewhere.


What have they done to deserve this?


Readers of Danny Choo will get this


A Hatsune Miku statue, it’s really nice actually, won it in a crane game


I had 3 goes left, after much pantomime, I realised they were offering to transfer them to another machine, in which I won this!


The only coffee I like comes in cans and bottles. This is the second best, Boss is the best and several others take other positions. The Starbucks Double Shot we get in the UK is wayyy down the list. BUT climbing rapidly is the Galaxy Double cup one, currently on offer in Tesco (well, some of them).


The omiyage (it means “biscuity sweety things you take to your work’s canteen when you visit somewhere”) I got. The outer two are from Kochi, and are biscuits. The middle ones are gooey soft tea-flavoured things from Okayama. Though I only passed through Okayama station briefly twice XD.

Yang Rui is a cunt

Not updated this for ages again. I really need to sort out some Japan pictures and put them on here with angry rants. I also need to go on about the yanks are going to murder Julian Assange, and how many innocent bystanders they will kill doing it. Anyway, some general updates:

– There’s two sets of major roadworks in Cambridge at the moment, so I am currently getting up at 5 past 5 in the morning and going in roughly 50 minutes earlier than usual. I get there about an hour earlier than usual, then sit about reading, before going off to the computer room at my normal arrival time and doing some story writing (or more likely staring at facebook and forums pointlessley). Why yes, that is an insane time to get up. Why yes, I ought to have gone to bed an hour and a half ago. But I’m going to finish these posts at least, because I wasted all evening finishing reading a book and have done no real work on my comics for a month.

– I intended to do 6 issues of the Red, White & Blue and 3 of The Trident this year. It’s looking more like I’ll do 3 of the RWB and none of The Trident. Issue 2 of the RWB is still not finished, it was supposed to be cover dated March-April. And that’s with most of the artwork already done, remember. I hope to really “put my foot down” and get the RWB up to quarterly next year! Then once I’ve done issue 5 I’ll drop the page count and get an A3 scanner, which will hopefully allow for just as ‘much’ comic, but on fewer pages and so drawn more quickly. The Trident may as well be regarded as cancelled, which is a shame as the first story was the origin of one of my major characters. Oh well, Judge Dredd ran for 30 years before we saw his proper origin. Maybe I’ll serialise it in the distant future.

– I’m getting back into Airfix, as I said before. I’ve started the Spitfire starter kit, but am working very slowly. It is, at last, plane shaped! But I need to get various accessories used by serious modellers (not that I am one) before I continue. One of which is a floor polish called Klear, which modellers of all stripes (Airfix, Warhammer, Gundam etc) appear to swear by for ‘fixing’ paint and improving transparent parts.


I was planning to build it with “nothing but what’s in the box”, but refused to have black exhausts, a grey-faced pilot and no bright propellor ends.

– Samsung Kies is FUCKING CUNTING SHITWIPE. I take photos of amusing stuff I see around with my phone, but my phone is ‘special’, so you can’t just connect it to the computer and transfer pictures over. Unlike my Nokia from two-thousand-and-fucking-eight. Because Samsung Kies just plain doesn’t work at all, transferring pictures is an involved process, which probably explains why this blog isn’t being updated with random snaps of everything cool I buy. BUT I’ll have to get a new PC soon as this one is about dead. First item on the agenda: A built-in card reader! Currently I have to use my crappy cheap “netbook” to transfer pictures to a USB stick, then use that to put the pictures on my “non-netbook”, which unlike my “netbook” is actually able to connect to the internet.


Remember the days when technology was built to WORK, not dick-wave it’s features?