Edge Westerns


I heard about Edge Westerns, written by George G Gilman, ages ago. I’d heard they were “going for £20-30 on Ebay”. Except actually it was more like £2-3. Anyway, when I found a few of them on a stall in Lincoln’s indoor market I jumped for joy and snapped them up at 90p apiece. I read one on the train home shortly after and, er, should have been hooked. But actually I then managed not to read any more until today.

Fast forward a bit, to my first visit to the Hilgay Book Sale (2010, if I remember rightly), and I found a few more for even less than 90p. With a decent collection and time to kill at work in the mornings, I thought I’d take number 1… and could hardly put it down. They’re highly addictive… luckily there’s 61 of the buggers, plus 6 “fanfics” published online, though they were written by the same author. The books are also being re-released on kindles and igadgets. But if you expect me to support those in any way, you haven’t been paying attention.

But what are they actually like? Well each chapter is basically an extended sick joke, and almost every chapter of every book involves at least one horrific death or maiming, lovingly described. Edge is one mean hombre, but constantly runs into people who try to rob or double cross him. Then he kills them. Occasionally he meets somebody who doesn’t try to double cross him, and usually somebody else kills them. There’s not many recurring characters.

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