Japanese miscellany

These are the very few photos I took in Japan with my phone (dunno why, but all the phones I’ve taken there have had a far shorter battery life. Is the time passing more quickly because I’m having fun, or is it humidity or something?). Most of the time I left it at my hotel, as it doesn’t work there and I was only using it as a clock. I bought a watch after a while, only to lose it in Kyoto somewhere.


What have they done to deserve this?


Readers of Danny Choo will get this


A Hatsune Miku statue, it’s really nice actually, won it in a crane game


I had 3 goes left, after much pantomime, I realised they were offering to transfer them to another machine, in which I won this!


The only coffee I like comes in cans and bottles. This is the second best, Boss is the best and several others take other positions. The Starbucks Double Shot we get in the UK is wayyy down the list. BUT climbing rapidly is the Galaxy Double cup one, currently on offer in Tesco (well, some of them).


The omiyage (it means “biscuity sweety things you take to your work’s canteen when you visit somewhere”) I got. The outer two are from Kochi, and are biscuits. The middle ones are gooey soft tea-flavoured things from Okayama. Though I only passed through Okayama station briefly twice XD.

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