Making perspex display stands

Right then, useful / entertaining posts are go.


At my work, they occasionally get get tank adaptor kits with the pre-made assays from some company. I suppose it’s so they can be run in a different type of gel tank. However my work doesn’t have that kind of gel tank, so they just chuck them away. I thought they must have some useful purpose, so started to keep them.


Anyway, each pack contains two square pieces, and the perspex is really thick, clear and high quality. Having looked at people’s figure collections on Danny Choo, I wondered if I could make display stands with it. I decided to use 3 pieces and make a simple structure, not anything with fancy angles…


With sweaty steam-ups. Well if I put them on the floor to take a photo, you can’t see them

The edges are “milled” and so are able to ‘take’ glue without any preparation. I stuck the edges to the smooth sides of the adjacent piece, though to be honest it’d probably work better if you sanded them a little.


I thought about using Airfix glue, but I heard Revell Contacta glue is clearer and stronger. Though in the actual making of Airfix models (well, model, very slowly… I’ll post a full build sequence when I’m finally finished) I’ve been using a mixture of both.


After that, I used the corner in a piece of furniture to hold the parts in place. They need to be left many hours to set, I gave them each about 6-12. Overnight didn’t work once, because the heating was off and so it was too cold and damp for the glue to set. I moved the piece by accident early in the morning, but put it back in place and left for work. When I came home I found it had set solid anyway, so didn’t need re-gluing XD.


The end result is fairly sturdy, though I wouldn’t like to overload it. Good for Corgi Mini’s, though!