‘Repairing’ the hoover at work

Every (well, most) Monday at my work, I hoover and mop the floors of certain rooms where delicate experiments take place, so they have to be kept clean. But the head of the hoover pipe kept coming off, because whatever catch was supposed to hold it on had long since gone, and age had distorted the plastic so even friction only barely held it in. How was I going to fix the problem? With science? No! with SCIENCE!


I found some strips of sticky velcro, which comes in one strip of hooky bits and one strip of fluffy bits (yes, those are their real names). I stuck a strip of fluff across the pipe and the head, then cut it where the join is:


Then I put the hooky bits on top, and cable-tied them together securely on the pipe:


After that, I cable tied around only the lower part on the head, to hold that securely. Then peeled off the backing paper on the outer part and replaced it with cut-up old pink tea towel (well, may as well use it for something).


And there we are! As I update this blog slowly, I actually did this before Christmas. BUT, to my surprise, it still works fine after several uses, and nothing has fallen off. Another problem solved with SCIENCE!

Bits n bobs


I got an Olympic gold medal!

Shame it’s made of chocolate, they were silly money during the games, but Tesco were flogging them off cheap. I got one of the last two on Monday XD


If I lived in Oz, I’d be fat

Aussie chocolates! They’re brilliant, like tiny chocolate oranges (no, not broken into segments XD) covered in smartie covering, though all red. When I next go to Japan I may have to go by Quantas, just to go “through” Australia and pick up a case full on the way XD.


Blurry, though

Yisty I cleaned a huge, old freezer at work. It looked like it was from the 70’s or early 80’s, all beige and pitted chrome, no digital displays anywhere. Also round the back it had a circuit diagram in that sans-serif, curved-edged font, oh and dust bunnies the size of my fist stuck down the back of the “grille”.

Anyway, when I was cleaning it, I accidentally ripped off a piece of foam, with this amusing label on. Guess they were as unable to follow the simplest instructions back then too, eh?