Blog update notice

My host has informed me that sometime in March my comic blog (though, presumably, they mean all 3 of the blogs on my account) will be “migrated to WordPress”. As far as I knew, it already was a WordPress blog, though hosted on their site and with several features (namely the ability to upload your own image for the heading image, or to embed stuff, or to install WordPress add-ons) removed. The email then waffled some stuff about “installed applications”, which led me to hope that they would start allowing the use of WordPress add-ons, but apparently that was actually about their own web design packages.

Anyway, the update will apparently only take the blog offline for an hour or two (and this host is well-known for it’s uptime and reliability), but there is the risk that it will mess something up and cause the images to stop working or something. If that does happen, It will probably take me quite a long time to fix everything, but I’ll do the newest entries first. 

Food related stuff

“Recently”, a guy I know on Facebook posted a pic of some Japanese chocolate that’s dark on the outside but white in the middle. I could remember eating a chocolate which looked like that somewhere, somehow. But the white stuff inside was actually a sort of jelly, which tasted like a milkier milky way, and had a texture more like (poached) egg white. But the guy said the Japanese chocolates weren’t like that.

Then, I walked into the canteen at work, and discovered exactly the chocolates I’d been thinking of, which are actually Russian XD


That’s the cross-section XD

I thought the thing on the package was the Palace of the Soviets, which I thought was a bit wierd. But actually it’s Moscow University. The guy said the big Soviet buildings were actually inspired by the Empire State Building in New York XD. He also said that they were designed to have windows and thin walls arranged in “straight lines”, so if there was a nuclear blast it would travel “through” the building and leave the actual structure standing, as an everlasting monument to Stalin among a load of scorched rubble.


Oh and they were in this bag, I think:


But that may be something else, can’t even remember now >.<

We had some weather recently


I time-travelled to the past, and it was black and white

 frost13-01.jpg – frost13-02.jpg

Oh also somebody left my work recently. Unlike every other time ever, I actually went to the leaving party (because unlike almost every other time ever, she hadn’t fucked me off by randomly having a go one morning because a gas cylinder ran out, when I have nothing to do with the gas cylinders, or something). I missed the last bus back to Madingley Road Park and Ride, so had to walk it. There’s a nice ‘spooky’ section right on the edge of the city, unfortunately I couldn’t take a decent pic with only the phone. But here ya go anyway.


Fixing shoes, with SCIENCE

The other week, my shoes (which I’d only had since late december) started to leak water at the back. I wasn’t prepared to buy some new ones so soon, so I attempted repairs… first persuading dad to stick some leftover sealant from the building of the new front door* in them.

After that predictably didn’t work, I tried repairing them with some strange tape I found at work, it was more like slightly-thicker tinfoil with glue on it:

 shosci01.jpg – shosci02.jpg

shosci03.jpg – shosci04.jpg

Actually called “Hippo Tape”, a hippo is stronger than a duck, right?

After that predictably didn’t work, I used good old duck tape:

 shosci05.jpg – shosci06.jpg

That worked for a few days, but eventually frayed. I then used some even wierder tape I found, it’s very thick and tarry, being used for holding down roofing material! Unfortunately, you’re probably supposed to burn it on with a heat gun, or else stick it on on a summer’s day and leave it to cure for hours or days. Sticking it to barely-dried, dirty shoes didn’t really work. It didn’t fray very much, though, and certainly kept the water out, but soon just came off as one solid heel-shaped lump.

After that… I just went down JD Sports and got some discounted Dunlop Safety boots. Now those last for ages!

*-he’s replaced a large area of double-layered brick and double glazing with single glazing and thin wood. Ah yes, the one thing I’ve been thinking this winter is that the house was too warm. Oh also the new lock on the door is utterly stupid. You have to pull the door outwards, push the handle down, put the key in, push the handle down again, turn the key, push the handle down again, turn the key a bit more, and push the handle down a bit further. Hope you don’t have only one hand free…

Had a sudden desire to listen to skinhead music

I say “had”, because this was actually weeks ago and I never update this thing. Anyway, I did, so I got out what is still my favourite Oi album:


“We Will Never Die” is actually one of the first MP3’s I ever downloaded*, back in 1999 or 2000. In the days when random sites on Tripod and Geocities would have selections of mp3’s to download. I remember getting that one off a site with a grey background, a navigation frame on the left side, and a piece of skinhead clipart with two guys holding guns. I also didn’t make a note of which band it was by, and didn’t actually know for ages. Until I realised that, instead of searching for “punk mp3” and trying to find the site again, I could just search for the lyrics and find out that way.

Anyway, I also strolled into HMV and got a CD by a band who I also liked back in the day, but never owned anything by:


But they were around in the very early days of Oi, so a lot of the songs on there sound like also-ran 1977 punk. Oh well.

The desire to listen to skinhead music soon passed again, anyway. If you want chauvinistic patriotism, why not go to the organ grinder instead of the monkey? In this case, propaganda music of military dictatorships.


*-the first MP3 I ever downloaded was King of the Kill by Anniahlator.  I also got Ich Bin Ein Punk by Terrorgruppe, took me YEARS to find out which band that was by. I also remember having low-quality, incomplete versions of Anarchy in the UK and God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols. And also I have a memory of finding a site with hundreds of mp3’s (“just” downloadable from html pages of links) which had a dark red ‘fiery’ background and yellow links. Being on charged 56k, I could only download one. A lot of them were just track numbers, with no titles. No doubt that site is long gone, but I wish I could revisit it with my current connection speed and just click random things, watching them load faster than they play!