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“Recently”, a guy I know on Facebook posted a pic of some Japanese chocolate that’s dark on the outside but white in the middle. I could remember eating a chocolate which looked like that somewhere, somehow. But the white stuff inside was actually a sort of jelly, which tasted like a milkier milky way, and had a texture more like (poached) egg white. But the guy said the Japanese chocolates weren’t like that.

Then, I walked into the canteen at work, and discovered exactly the chocolates I’d been thinking of, which are actually Russian XD


That’s the cross-section XD

I thought the thing on the package was the Palace of the Soviets, which I thought was a bit wierd. But actually it’s Moscow University. The guy said the big Soviet buildings were actually inspired by the Empire State Building in New York XD. He also said that they were designed to have windows and thin walls arranged in “straight lines”, so if there was a nuclear blast it would travel “through” the building and leave the actual structure standing, as an everlasting monument to Stalin among a load of scorched rubble.


Oh and they were in this bag, I think:


But that may be something else, can’t even remember now >.<

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