Blog update notice

My host has informed me that sometime in March my comic blog (though, presumably, they mean all 3 of the blogs on my account) will be “migrated to WordPress”. As far as I knew, it already was a WordPress blog, though hosted on their site and with several features (namely the ability to upload your own image for the heading image, or to embed stuff, or to install WordPress add-ons) removed. The email then waffled some stuff about “installed applications”, which led me to hope that they would start allowing the use of WordPress add-ons, but apparently that was actually about their own web design packages.

Anyway, the update will apparently only take the blog offline for an hour or two (and this host is well-known for it’s uptime and reliability), but there is the risk that it will mess something up and cause the images to stop working or something. If that does happen, It will probably take me quite a long time to fix everything, but I’ll do the newest entries first. 

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