The Harry Potter thing at King’s Cross

You may have heard that they have a Harry Potter “exhibit” at King’s Cross station, in the shape of a luggage trolley being pushed ‘into’ a wall. Mind you, the part of the station it’s located in didn’t even exist in 1996, and in 2001 (I think that’s when the first film came out?) it was a building site. In fact, I just about remember that area being a building site in 1999, when I went to see the Eclipse with my granny, and it only being finished in May 2012, when I went to London for the MCM Expo!

But anyway, while I was waiting there to meet a guy a couple of weeks ago, I saw them changing the empty trolley for a ‘fully laden’ one.


Oh and the guy turned out to be cool :3 he was from Hong Kong, and in London for about a month on business. We went to a monthly manga meetup event in Farringdon, and everybody liked his Dollfie Dream doll :3. The meeting was fun too, even though I was absolutely useless in the quiz!

…still, there’s always the hope they will bring in a “110 year old British ‘manga'” round. Then we’ll be well away!

Old and new bus tickets

The Park and Ride site in Cambridge I used changed it’s ticket machines… months ago, actually. But I could only now summon up the arsed to post a picture of the different tickets, for people who like that sort of thing.


Well on one forum I used to go to, a guy would travel around the city in order to ride lifts and film his “journeys”. Shytteth thou not.