Corduroy Bear

Back in 1986 – 7, when I was only 2 or 3, I watched a TV show about a teddy bear who got lost in a department store. It looked like my own bear, so I burst out crying because I thought he’d “run away”. My mum had to run up the stairs and get him for me XD. I actually still have that bear, though he’s “somewhat the worse for wear” now.


As am I

That incident got filed away in my mind and was occasionally bought up whenever “stuff we did as babies” came up in conversation. It was only on Friday that I really thought about trying to track down the film again, a google for “Teddy bear lost in department store” quickly led me to a book called Corduroy, which the wiki article mentioned was made into a short film in 1984.


I went to Youtube to try and find the film, but could only find people reading out the book while filming the pages, or a 5-year old, and very blurry, clip from it, which was used to illustrate an Ebay auction for a 16mm copy. Even watching that clip made me well up again, though ;_; it’s so beautiful. I also didn’t realise until I saw it that Corduroy had been an American production, and that many of the scenes of the bear were actually a man in a suit, with large props. My memory had turned the film into a crude stop-motion affair, like the Judderman ads.

Anyway, on Saturday morning I had another youtube search, and found the whole thing, split into two parts. For some reason it’s been given a “spanish sounding” name (though the little dialogue is in English). I can just about handle the beginning now, but the ending still makes me tearful ;_;

It turned out there was also a sequel, called A Pocket for Corduroy, where he again gets lost, and this time gets a pocket in his overalls, so he can carry his address on a card. I nearly lost my own bear a few times when I was young (my granny ran back and found him sitting on a bench XD), I should have thought of that XD. This is also on Youtube, but the quality is very bad, and the first video doesn’t seem to work fully. But there is a secret agent dog in it XD.

And there was also an animated series which was made in 2000, presumably the first episode told the original two stories, but then it went on for another twelve! A lot of them seem to be on Youtube in Spanish, but here’s the beginning:

There’s also a more modern, and very silly, British version that I found:

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