Jackal demo tape


Back in this post, I mentioned that I’d bought a demo tape by an obscure, forgotten metal band called Jackal. Today I finally got around to recording the tape into MP3’s, then turning those into movies and putting them on Youtube.

As I mentioned before, the design of the logo looks very 80’s, and the music sounds a bit thrashy, or NWOBHM. I can’t find any reference to this particular band anywhere else on the internet, so I might as well be the one to get the name out there! The demo itself has only four tracks, and looks to have been made on the cheap. the insert looks like it was produced on an elderly black and white photocopier, and the red has been added by hand.


The back of the insert is blank, containing no information about where the band comes from (I’ll assume Cambridgeshire, for lack of any other information. I bought it in the RSPCA shop in Cambridge, for the amazing price of 10p), when the tape was recorded, or even what the song titles are (so I’ve guessed them!).

jackal_03 – jackal_02 – jackal_01

There’s not even markings on the tape to tell you the sides!

So, without further ado, lets listen to the songs themselves! This could be the first time that anybody but me and the band members has heard them in over 20 years…


“Fallen Angels”

“Promised Land”

“Human Nature”



  1. i have this tape as well , my brother sent it to me in the late 1980s , the tape is the same as yours and is mint condition , i have also look on the net about information but nothing had come to light , only that it was good to someone else who has a copy just like mine

  2. Hi, sorry I didn’t approve the comments sooner, I hardly ever check in on this blog XD. Any idea where your brother got it from (geographically, that is)?

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