Cherry blossom “season” 2014

It was about a month ago now, but there you go. All pics taken round the back of my work…

ccbs14_01 – ccbs14_02 – ccbs14_03

ccbs14_04 – ccbs14_05 – ccbs14_06

ccbs14_07 – ccbs14_08

I also went to fuckin’ Japan again in the middle of May. I HAVE to go and work as an ALT now, no more mucking about. I just feel at home there… especially when a lot of the “disadvantages” of Japan touted about by shocked liberal Californians, who were expecting a vegan pacifist wonderland, are actually things I like.

That does mean I won’t make any more progress on my comics, or blog posts, for a long time. But how will anybody notice the difference? XD