The whole Scotland thing

Is well and truly over, by the time I remember I started this entry. Anyway, I aligned myself with the Queen and thought “It’s for them to decide”. Anyway, ages ago I wanted to start a magazine defending British comics called The Sentinel, and wrote a half-joking article about what might happen to British comics if Scotland went independent. So let’s just bung that in here.


The Sentinel Wonders: What could Scottish independence mean for British comics?

Just what might happen to the output of DC Thomson when England finally gains independence from Scotland? (are you sure that’s right? -ed). There’s a possibility that we in England could see a price increase as products from north of the border will become subject to import taxes. However it’s also possible that The Beano, The Dandy and Commando (no doubt suddenly featuring many more stories of the various Scottish rebellions down the centuries) could see sales increases. DC Thomson may be able to capture the patriotic, forward-looking mood of a newly-independent nation by clearly branding their products as “Made in Scotland”. With big sales increases could also come a reduction in prices as the economies of scale shift. It’s also likely that the comics would be better-displayed in Scottish shops and so attract even more customers. There could be a knock-on effect down south as well. With a realisation that the “splitters” up North are boosting their economy and getting people into work as artists, writers and printers it’s possible that London-based publishers may decide to get back into the game. Could we see a return of Buster and The Eagle as England-based competition? Could other England-based comics such as The Pheonix become more popular as a response to Scotland breaking away? Scottish Independence could end up becoming the shot in the arm that comics produced on these islands desperately need. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that I need to marry a Scot!