I’m done with Doctor Who.

Because what the FUCK is this SHIT?

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I was also interested, on my other blog, to note that India will apparently be more monoracial in 300 years time. Imagine if they showed a similar scene in the Britain of 2314, with all white characters?


And what’s this in the next issue? “The Weeping Angels of Mons”. Note they are going to end up in “the trenches”. The trenches, as in those things that hadn’t been dug at the time of the retreat from Mons?


Never mind, eh? No doubt the whole point of the story is to say “the right things” about class war (class war from the perspective of yanks, anyway. Or maybe Brits who wish they were yanks, which is even worse). You can see the heartless generals ordering working class men into No-man’s Land at gunpoint already, can’t you? Never mind that they were actually being led into battle by junior officers, most from exactly the same educated, privileged background as those generals, and an order of maginitude more likely to be killed. As they were supposed to be “leading by example”, and snipers always went for officers. To say nothing of the fact that several of those junior officers, leading their men to doom, may have been the nephews or sons of the generals planning the attack… or even that 22 generals themselves died in pointless charges, over the course of the war (no doubt trying to prove that their amazing “run towards the enemy’s machine guns” tactics will work, this time).

Still, we all know what “amazing, shocking revelation” is coming up on the TV show. I suspect a lot of people are planning to bail, at that point. I might as well just git while the gittin’s gud. It’s made for San Francisco hipsters, now, anyway. It’s no longer for the likes of us. The £40-a-year-licence, stripped-to-bare-bones BBC can’t come soon enough, if you ask me.

EDIT: I had a peek at the next issue in the shop. Yeah, tin helmets and trenches before Archduke Ferdinand’s body was even cold. Top research, there.

Might as well use this blog for dream recording.

I did want to do a massive post about Jeremy Clarkson and cultural marxism (even back in April, I would have called anybody who used that phrase a tinfoil hatter. But I’ve been comprehensively “woken up” since then), but could never be arsed to write it. So here’s a copy and pasted post from Facebook.

Oh yeah, the other night I had this bonkers dream, where a colour-changing dragon attacked “London” (it looked more like Osaka, crossed with Prague, crossed with that town in Poland/Ukraine where the BBC team were based in the European cup). Fortunately, this was in the combined Marvel, DC and MGM universes, so they had a load of heroes to fight it (actually, I think one of the My Little Pony’s was in it too). They all had to get some item roughly corresponding to their outfit colour, and I was James Bond (in a white suit), so had to get some white item. Many of the items were just chocolate bars XD. Anyway, having been given my orders directly by Tony Blair in Parliament (which is not exactly secret), I set off to find a milky bar, or whatever, but ended up creeping around some dark room.