Will posting from my phone work?

Even if I include smilies? 😘🍵🔺🏠👃👎🐦😲🏩🍆🐢🗾🎌


Well, anyway. Last night I had a dream that involved a trip to “France”. But every single street looked like the Arc Du Triomphe / Central Bucharest / George Terrace in Bath / The Vatican / St Petersberg… so it was clearly supposed to be Homonia, the gay homeland from my comics. Anyway, me and some friends were getting in a car, when this lawyer type gets in, and asks if any of us have this old Nintendo console, which supposedly came out in between the Gamecube and Wii, and was a huge flop.

The driver (with light brown skin, long, dark brown hair and black eyes – very hot) said he did, and the lawyer type said he was responsible for pirating it, and would have him arrested. But then we drove around for ages and nothing happened.

Then we all realised that having the guy who wants to escape driving wasn’t the best idea, and I reached over and grabbed the wheel, while my friend Kate reached her feet over to work the pedals (the car was like the first Renault Grande Scenic, only with a 3×3 seating plan, and a different, and more sensible, dashboard).

Anyway, we tried to erratically drive somewhere, but the guy jumped out and ran into one of the many giant buildings (covered with many marble neoclassical details). A huge fight started in the lobby, and he somehow locked most of the others in a small room. It was left to me and the lawyer type to just hang on, and wait for him to tire himself out XD.

Oh, also, the dream only occupied about 5 minutes of sleep!