Barry box

On French barry (or “jacky”) cars sometimes get posted. They are usually expertly constructed using expanding foam, which is normally used to seal the gaps around pipes that come out of the wall of your house for whatever reason.

Anyway today we recieved a delivery at work in a box that, rather than being made out of the normal polystyrene, had been made of cardboard and then filled with le mousse expansif.  I’d started ripping it up for recycling, thinking it was just cardboard, and decided to carry on. That stuff is surprisngly tough!


Ripped off all the card I could (there was about 3 layers!) then started stabbing with the scissors…


Unlike cars that have been given the jacky touch, this one also had elastic bands to hold it together, doubling the strength!


Finally making some headway, more elastic bands!

Anyway I finally dismantled it into several flat sheets of foam and binned it. Next time, Spanish company, just have a look around for a proper box eh?