The Hong Kong “Umbrella Revolution”

May soon also be known as the “chalk revolution”, thanks to a trend of people writing messages down the roads they are camped out on. No doubt we’ll soon be seeing an Upworthy of “the most inspiring” messages. Right next to a load of “This one video will make any man who watches it a feminist” TED Talk things. (What the fuck is TED, anyway? And where did it spring from, all of a sudden?).

hkpro1 – hkpro2 – hkpro3

These have all been renamed, shrunk and had ‘variants’ added. To make it more difficult to track them back

Anyway, one of the first people to do some of the chalking was somebody I know, who I once went cocktail drinkin’ with back in 2011 or so.

As this is the first “Occupy” protest I actually support (and the first one with a clear aim, unlike the politics-of-envy “We’ll stay here until you make things better!” childish rentamobs, seen elsewhere), I’ve added the golden ribbon to my Facebook and, er, been cranking a pirated Beyond live CD?

Oh, and…