Bits n bobs


I got an Olympic gold medal!

Shame it’s made of chocolate, they were silly money during the games, but Tesco were flogging them off cheap. I got one of the last two on Monday XD


If I lived in Oz, I’d be fat

Aussie chocolates! They’re brilliant, like tiny chocolate oranges (no, not broken into segments XD) covered in smartie covering, though all red. When I next go to Japan I may have to go by Quantas, just to go “through” Australia and pick up a case full on the way XD.


Blurry, though

Yisty I cleaned a huge, old freezer at work. It looked like it was from the 70’s or early 80’s, all beige and pitted chrome, no digital displays anywhere. Also round the back it had a circuit diagram in that sans-serif, curved-edged font, oh and dust bunnies the size of my fist stuck down the back of the “grille”.

Anyway, when I was cleaning it, I accidentally ripped off a piece of foam, with this amusing label on. Guess they were as unable to follow the simplest instructions back then too, eh?



Essex Lion

New sighting:


Admittedly this ought to have been posted well over a month ago. Remember that Labour MP who was pulled up for saying “white people love playing divide and conquer” and got caught? (Fuck off back to yankland, we don’t want their racial-chip-on-the-shoulder disease here) I made a “racist and sexist list of sexual conquests” list in response to it, which would have been hilarious at the time.

PCCR series 2?

One of my favourite animes is Pretty Combat Communist Rika-Chan. Unfortunately after it’s first run it vanished into obscurity, even fansubs are hard to come by. But then I wandered into 2ch (Japan’s, and the original, 4chan) out of curiosity the other day, and saw this, with a long blurb:


Obligatory engrish

It looks like it’s on a whiteboard, a picture taken by somebody sneaking into a meeting room? Curiously, the post was deleted. From what I can gather, reading about Lord Haw Haw’s exploits, 2ch almost never delete posts, even when they are taken to court over them, and lose! Unfortunately I didn’t copy and paste the text down for later translation. I’ll leave you to ponder…

Had the Mini out the other weekend


Fucking hell, ever since booking my holiday to Japan all I’ve done is stare at the internet, looking at places to visit in Kyoto (in all of the two days I’ll be there), for weeks on end. Anyway, when I wasn’t doing that, me and dad had my Mini out, as we had to move it from the drive to the side of the house. It’s needed the waxoyl on the underside “topping up” since 2006, and we kept saying we’d do it “in the summer”. Also since finishing Uni I decided I’d get it out “in the summer”, but that never happened either.



Anyway, we got the cover off, for the first time since possibly 2009, and discovered that it was still pretty shiny and had not rusted away, woohoo. A few insects had also got under there and long since perished. We then attempted to start it, using a knackered old battery. After several tries I remembered that it was built as a racer, and so has an electrical cut off. With the key put in that it still refused to start, though did make clicking noises.


Less than no frills. Also using the heater pumps carbon monoxide into the cabin, which isn’t good.

After jump-starts, and a lot of faffing about, it finally ran… sort of. The engine was running at very high revs, but would still cut out if I didn’t keep my foot slightly down. Dad adjusted the carbs, and then it ran at high revs even when I wasn’t touching the pedal. Oh well, we can fix it properly next summer, when I’ll really drive it (or will have moved to Japan and need to sell it).


Anyway, at one stage in the adjustments it conked out completely and wouldn’t start. I suggested it may have run out of petrol, as it was running at such high revs. Dad put some more in, and that did the trick. After moving it, though, we found some animal had made a nest of leaves (with a small entrance, and burrow into the gravel) under the sump guard. This was empty, but damp. We moved the leaves and discovered the burrow was filled with petrol, there was also a trail halfway around the side of the house. So basically i’d been sitting in a bare metal container, on top of a huge fireball waiting to happen, starting and re-starting electrical ignition systems.


Those lights do actually work, though I preferred covering them up, but one of the covers has now perished 🙁

Anyway, whichever weekend this was (can’t even remember now) was at the start of one of the few sunny periods of this summer, so for a week or two afterwards we got a strong whiff of petrol whenever we opened the front door. But it was finally washed away by the recent rain. A match might have got rid of it sooner, mind you.


Also the exhaust was a bit sooty.

Buggered up my thumb

The other day, I did a bit more “epic defrosting” at work. Not completely defrosting a freezer this time, just chipping away enough ice that I could shut the door again. Unfortunately this time around I used as disassemble-able screwdriver, and it disassembled while I was chipping the ice. As I was going so fast I hit my thumb against the “other end” of the part that had stuck in the ice, resulting in:


This is the most I’ve sucked my thumb since I was a toddler

The best part? I was wearing a white Nitrile glove at the time, and the glove was totally undamaged! I could see a dark stain spreading inside it, and was thinking “If I don’t look at the actual injury, it won’t hurt” XD

The coolest thing I bought today

What do you think it was? A Hook Jaw poster?


Yeah that’s pretty cool but not what I was going for. What about the comic the poster came in?


That’s also cool (and overdue XD). But again not what I was looking for. What about a girl’s annual from 1940 in fantastic condition?


That’s closer, and I will be able to use it and a similarly aged and conditoned Champion annual for a wartime themed blog post. But no that wasn’t it, it was this…


Based on the title alone that book must be as manly as a long-haired, bearded lumberjack sitting on a Harley at the bottom of mine shaft smoking a cigar, drinking Jack and loading a magnum.


At about 5:50 on Saturday I decided to have a re-arrange of my room (mainly to put the bed nearer the heater XD). I thought it’d take “two or three hours”. I finished at about 7:00 tonight.


Lets get goin’

Actually that picture is from the middle of the re-arrange, the dark brown shelf was on top of a cupboard and the bed was where it is. Also the books on it were where the bed now is XD. However this is before most of the other books in that picture had been moved. That was a rather, erm, chaotic process…

rearr02.jpg – rearr03.jpg – rearr04.jpg

I also made more room for things by increasing the gaps on the shelves, so more big books could fit in them the right way up rather than on their sides. I also chucked away about 100 old PC and Playstation demo CD’s full of games such as Z: Steel Soldiers and Colin McRae Rally ’98. I chucked them away from an upstairs window into a skip full of broken paving slabs, that was fun.

Oh I also found a button with yaoi on it.



Anyway now the collection is all nice and fancily arranged and even, believe it or not, in some sort of order! Plus there’s empty space to fill with even more rubbish.

rearr07.jpg –  rearr08.jpg

Oh and my desk now has empty space on it, fancy.


What am I going to do with all this?

Silly cat


Pace Farm

Yes, that’s an oven glove.

Also I did some epic defrosting last week at work but have been too lazy to post a proper entry about it yet. I was writing an entry about Graffix books in my comic blog and it took all bloody night. Oh well I’ll get around to the defrosting pictures soon I hope.

Still wondering if I ought to try and become an ALT in Japan again. It seems like my girlfriend doesn’t give a shit about the relationship any more and I hardly have any other reason to go there long term (it doesn’t take a year to see the Mikasa, Jimbocho and the Yasukuni Shrine!). She won’t “officially” break up with me but I consider myself “open to better offers” XD. The better offer preferably having cute hair (short on girls, long on guys) brown or black eyes and living within 50 miles!