Silly cat


Pace Farm

Yes, that’s an oven glove.

Also I did some epic defrosting last week at work but have been too lazy to post a proper entry about it yet. I was writing an entry about Graffix books in my comic blog and it took all bloody night. Oh well I’ll get around to the defrosting pictures soon I hope.

Still wondering if I ought to try and become an ALT in Japan again. It seems like my girlfriend doesn’t give a shit about the relationship any more and I hardly have any other reason to go there long term (it doesn’t take a year to see the Mikasa, Jimbocho and the Yasukuni Shrine!). She won’t “officially” break up with me but I consider myself “open to better offers” XD. The better offer preferably having cute hair (short on girls, long on guys) brown or black eyes and living within 50 miles!

RWB Issue 4 Finished!

Today, not long after waking up, I noticed my cat appeared to be licking her nose in her sleep. But she soon woke up and starting making the bizarre “knocking on wood” sound that shows she’s about to be sick. Luckily I reacted quickly and caught most of it in the bin, which was full of toilet roll I’d been blowing my nose on to soak it up. Mind you it did smell like McDonalds.

Anyway the builders currently working on our house (we’re having 3 extra rooms added, when it’s finished I’ll picspam pics of the work) have a skip, so I went and chucked the contents of the bin in that.


Can we have one all the time?

I also finished the last of my easter chocolate. Was nice to have a lot, and I’ll have to get some more in the sales too XD. Anyway the boxes had to go somewhere…



I’ve been using this long holiday to work on my self-published comic The Red, White & Blue. Supposedly bi-monthly from 2011 onwards, however I only finished the Jan-Feb issue today -_-. The main reason for that is the Sexton Blake story contained in it, almost 25,000 words! I knew it’d be “extra length” but not, er, excessive. Hopefully the average length of the Sexton Blake story in each issue will be more like 12,000 words from here on.


The cover. It has story on the cover too because that’s proper.


A short, complete story about Speedway. I’d wondered if this was the first time there had been a Speedway comic strip, but there has been others in the past.


Now that’s a wall of text! The Sexton Blake story is in 7.5 point font! 8 was too big and 7 was way too small. Other pages do have block illustrations.


Tigers of Punjab, an adventure/war serial set in India. I actually wish i’d never started this story because it’s crap. Oh well only 2-3 more parts ought to see an end of it, and I can get on with something better – a story about football in the 60’s!


The Day of the Green Skulls, a text serial. Also the continuation of the colour story from the cover.

I only printed one issue today. I’m not actually sure when or even if issue 4 onwards will even be on sale! There’s no conventions I can reasonably get to (well except as a visitor) before August, when I’m hoping I’ll be leaving the country. For various reasons (like my unwitting use of a copyrighted character, oops) setting up an online store might be problematic too. I might just make the comics into PDF’s and put em online for nothing.

Also my printing is a bit SCIENCE-ey


Connected to an old computer because it’s parallel-port only.


Yes, that’s where the keyboard is! Luckily by this stage I don’t need to type anything much. The text stories are also “images” because I convert them to PDF’s and then to images. Mind you it makes the small text blurry, so I might have to find a way to do it better. Probably copying the text into Publisher 98 and arranging it on the page that way.


The beast. That’s A4 paper in there! God knows how me and dad got this thing up the stairs. Why no it will not be leaving the country with me XD.