“Well that’s the cherry on fucking top!”

Me after slipping whilst wiping after shitting after discovering why you shouldn’t violently sneeze while sitting down if you feel like you need a shit but can’t be bothered to go.

Always obey the arse signals!

Also Doctor Who was a bit weird but good. I was worried it was going to repeat the crap series ending of last year when all the various villains inexplicably teamed up but then ran away because the Doctor, er, told them to. Also the idea of a Silurian detective just hanging around in London is a bit weird, there’s an untold story there! Oh and of course there was “the twist” and the next episode features Nazis!

Mind you though I hope it’s not Nazis tinkering with some alien device that’s “beyond their understanding” and then threatens the world. Apart from the fact that plot’s been done to death the show needs to feature humans that are actually evil enough to want to commit genocide and take over the world on their own without alien influence/help.Speaking of Doctor who, this fan-video is amazing!