The Hong Kong “Umbrella Revolution”

May soon also be known as the “chalk revolution”, thanks to a trend of people writing messages down the roads they are camped out on. No doubt we’ll soon be seeing an Upworthy of “the most inspiring” messages. Right next to a load of “This one video will make any man who watches it a feminist” TED Talk things. (What the fuck is TED, anyway? And where did it spring from, all of a sudden?).

hkpro1 – hkpro2 – hkpro3

These have all been renamed, shrunk and had ‘variants’ added. To make it more difficult to track them back

Anyway, one of the first people to do some of the chalking was somebody I know, who I once went cocktail drinkin’ with back in 2011 or so.

As this is the first “Occupy” protest I actually support (and the first one with a clear aim, unlike the politics-of-envy “We’ll stay here until you make things better!” childish rentamobs, seen elsewhere), I’ve added the golden ribbon to my Facebook and, er, been cranking a pirated Beyond live CD?

Oh, and…


Doctor Who


Pessimistic (realistic) predictions for the 50th:

– The epic Dalek invasion / mass destruction scenes will come right at the end, and will amount to no more than 30 seconds in total.

– Some sort of deadly, surrounded by Daleks situation will not be solved by a clever McGuyver’d way out, but by technobabble and reversing polarities so that the Daleks suddenly back off comically.

– The Daleks will eventually be stopped by some more technonabble, probably with the result that their invasion “never happened”. It will likely involve the opening of the core of the Tardis again. “Can only be used once (has already been used twice)”, as that hilarious LM2 blog I found once said.

– 11 will have another lengthy, tearful goodbye with Rose, and probably kiss her.

– Some clue hidden at the start of the episode will point to the doubtless anticlimactic, “magic” ending.

– Captain Jack won’t be in it.

– Neither will any old Doctors (apart from the newly-revealed “warrior” one of course).

– The Daleks will be inexplicably teamed up, in an equal partnership, with at least one other monster (like the utterly ridiculous “cram them all in” Pandorica thing), even though they’re supposed to hate every other race and only manipulate them or use them as slaves (as we will hear in An Adventure in Space and Time, no doubt. They’re taking the piss out of us, aren’t they?). It will probably be The Great Intelligence, an omnipresent and very powerful foe. Though this episode appears to be set in The Time War, there’s been no mention of anything other than the Daleks being involved in it up until now. Kind of like saying World War 2 was just Britain against Germany and ignoring the USA, France, Japan and Russia entirely.

– Even when fighting in a war for their very existence, the Time Lords will be shown to be decadent and corrupt. To use another WW2 analogy, imagine if British people had carried on living as if it was the twenties in the forties?

– Elizabeth the First is going to be in it (already confirmed). It will be 11 who makes her angry, even though it was 10 that she recognised on sight.

– It will not be a complete episode, but “continued at Christmas”. Thus, in future years, it won’t be able to be sold as a feature length, one-off “quick introduction”, like The Five Doctors is now.

Optimistic predictions

(Yes, I am aware some of these contradict the above).

– The storyline will involve time travel to many different periods in Earth’s history, and we’ll actually see something of them (not an alley and a Dansette, as “1969” was represented in the Weeping Angels one. Perhaps we’ll see 1973 with Gene Hunt!

– We will see the first Doctor, Susan and the junk yard, new scenes with David Bradley and Claudia Grant. Perhaps also the nearby school from Remembrance of the Daleks.

– Davros will be in it, we’ll see his “final death in the war” (which he survived).

– The Master (not John Simm, he’s in the future!) will briefly appear, but will hide himself and be branded a “deserter”.

– Captain Jack and/or The Face of Boe will be in it!

– The Cybermen won’t be in it. Their next epic storyline (their last epic storyline being in 1968) will probably be on their 50th anniversary, in 2016

– It will answer more Moffatt-era questions than it poses (yeah right!).


I’m not flawless…

I complain about mistakes people at my work make a lot, but that doesn’t stop me from doing stupid things do. This being a pretty spectacular case in point. The old drying cabinet in one lab was built in the pre-health and safety days, so when it’s turned up to full, it gets VERY HOT. I didn’t even know it had a temperature control, and didn’t bother to look, I just turned it on and left it… some other people in the lab fortunately smelled nasty smoke in time, and turned it down, but by then the damage was done:

 tbfuk01.jpg – tbfuk02.jpg – tbfuk03.jpg

tbfuk04.jpg – tbfuk05.jpg – tbfuk06.jpg

tbfuk07.jpg – tbfuk08.jpg – tbfuk09.jpg

tbfuk10.jpg – tbfuk12.jpg – tbfuk15.jpg

Enjoy these mini-“galleries” while you can. The “upgrade” my comic blog has suffered makes them far more difficult and annoying to create.

Still, I had a go at salvaging un-damaged tips (there was quite a few) and putting them in new boxes.

tbfuk13.jpg – tbfuk14.jpg

No idea what will happen to the stuff that’s melted into the cabinet itself. I suppose that will ‘crisp up’ in time and crumble into dust.


The CRUNCH is here!

…was the occasional title of a British comic, but I couldn’t google image search a picture of it when it was using that title. Though I did get sidetracked by a blog where a guy was complaining about The Beano being 85p. 85p, eh?

Anyway, the CRUNCH the post refers to is actually the one in my life. My mum’s work is relocating to near London, and she, as the only ‘breadwinner’ of the family (my dad stays at home to look after granny now) will have to go with them. That means that my intention of moving out as soon as possible now has a solid deadline. They’re going to have to get a much smaller house, being closer to London, so there won’t be room for much else after all the arrangements for granny to get about. 

Ah well, I think it’s about time I got out of the family home, I am nearly 30 for fuck’s sake. Don’t want to get a reputation as a “shut in” XD.


I merely want to be in a shut-in

The first step is to get a better-paying job, for real this time XD. Got me eye on one at the moment, going to work on the application for that over this week. I’m actually kind of over-qualified for it, but having gone to university gives me some of the required experience for it (as it’s in a university XD). It also pays pretty bloody well.

Other steps are going to include selling the Mini, selling or giving away many books, and no more holidays or festivals. My probable final “lavish” purchase of a volume of bound comics is currently on it’s way.


T_T Always hoped I’d drive this once more

I’m giving myself until August to get a better-paying job (and/or long-term relationship with somebody who I can share rent with… hah), and if I can’t find one here by then, I’ll say “sod it” and go ALT’ing. Though if I do go, it will probably have to be forever, which will mean getting citizenship and all that ‘fun’ stuff I’d been thinking about when I was still with Yasue.


This again!

Honesty and Transparency: To avoid any chance of damaging my chances of getting a better paying job, I’ve censored all the posts I made ranting about my work. BUT I had a pretty shitty day today, so pictures of dangerous / wasteful / stupid things will continue to build up in private posts. If anybody whistleblows something really dangerous at my workplace, I’ll take that as ‘permission’ to unleash them again, but for now they’re only visible to logged-in trolls XD.

Blog update notice

My host has informed me that sometime in March my comic blog (though, presumably, they mean all 3 of the blogs on my account) will be “migrated to WordPress”. As far as I knew, it already was a WordPress blog, though hosted on their site and with several features (namely the ability to upload your own image for the heading image, or to embed stuff, or to install WordPress add-ons) removed. The email then waffled some stuff about “installed applications”, which led me to hope that they would start allowing the use of WordPress add-ons, but apparently that was actually about their own web design packages.

Anyway, the update will apparently only take the blog offline for an hour or two (and this host is well-known for it’s uptime and reliability), but there is the risk that it will mess something up and cause the images to stop working or something. If that does happen, It will probably take me quite a long time to fix everything, but I’ll do the newest entries first. 

Don’t EVER buy these!


In Japan, they have big, lovely pot noodles you can buy. Some of them even have big chunks of dried beef in sauce in them, and taste lovely. Missing them, I got this “beef flavour” one from Tesco. Except it’s not beef, it’s “spicy beef”. And by “spicy” I do of course mean “APOCALYPTIC”. My lips were going numb from merely touching it! No dried beef either.

The seafood and chicken flavours the same company do are nice, though. But I think I’ll have to troll up Mil Road and see if I can vada any decent Japanese ones.

Buggered up my thumb

The other day, I did a bit more “epic defrosting” at work. Not completely defrosting a freezer this time, just chipping away enough ice that I could shut the door again. Unfortunately this time around I used as disassemble-able screwdriver, and it disassembled while I was chipping the ice. As I was going so fast I hit my thumb against the “other end” of the part that had stuck in the ice, resulting in:


This is the most I’ve sucked my thumb since I was a toddler

The best part? I was wearing a white Nitrile glove at the time, and the glove was totally undamaged! I could see a dark stain spreading inside it, and was thinking “If I don’t look at the actual injury, it won’t hurt” XD

Lezz textzz

On Friday my girlfriend asked me not to text her so often (IE once a day). Earlier I was looking at our old chats on Myspace messages (back when Myspace, well, worked) and she was complaining that we “didn’t talk enough”.

This is not the end, it is not the beginning of the end

But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

At least it will be easier to sell a British-style comic to it’s target audience if I’m still in the same country.

In other bad news I know/fancy a couple who live in Oslo who don’t appear to have updated their facebook/twitter etc pages since the bomb. o.o