Who I once was

We had a family lockup, but with impending financial trouble have emptied it to sell / use stuff, and save money on renting it. Unfortunately we lost the key for one of the cabinets, and have turned the place upside down looking for it. I didn’t find it on top of my wardrobe, but I did find most of my old college work, and the doodles I’d done on it. There’s actually surprisingly few doodles – don’t tell me I was actually paying attention!

Anyway, I thought I’d scan in the most amusing doodles and upload them to Facebook, but as facebook shrinks them, I’ll also put them on here. As you can see, I was an anarchist at the time, and wrote a lot of hilariously embarrassing political messages. College was a pretty traumatic time for me. Mainly because the one I went to was full of GCSE-failing chavs who were doing either bricklaying or leisure and tourism, and mainly because it was 2001 and people were scummy then. But also it was because I had all these ultra-leftist beliefs, which would today be labelled “SJW”. My pronouncements on the evils of capitalism and the tories alienated most of my friends, or potential friends. I was also pretty shy and looked ridiculous (even more so than now XD).

Strangely, while I was often talking about overthrowing the government, calling people sexist for saying girls were sexy, and glorifying the antics of 80’s leftist protesters who kicked Nicky Crane’s head in (I didn’t know what happened to him afterwards, the only thing I’d heard about him came from a pirated Oi Polloi mp3), I never made a peep about gay rights, and only ever told a couple of people I was bi. So we can add cowardice to my many failings.

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The most amazing band who inspired many…


She made a bit of a mistake, so I fix’d it

I also saw them the Tuesday before last, as on fire as always. The opening acts were Ed Tudor Pole (“The second guy to host Crystal Maze”, as I described him to a bunch of otaku friends, at least one of whom didn’t even know who Judge Dredd was) and The Men they Couldn’t Hang, who are kind of folk-punk. I miss Blood or Whiskey, who supported SLF’s tour in early 2006!

Anyway, as I’d driven to the gig after work (and had a bad toenail) I couldn’t drink or pit, so stood off to one side, behind several very tall and hard-looking punks. There was some piss-taking about my hair too, I’m actually very thin skinned and when chavs do it I get upset and dwell upon it for months/years. But when punks do it I don’t care, for some reason. Probably because I’ve seen the extremes punk hairstyles go to XD.

Anyway, on this occasion they played all the old favourites, as well as a few lesser-heard ones such as Piccadilly Circus. Also it was the first time I’d heard a couple of new ones, Trail of Tears and Dark Places, which will be on the new album that “Ought to be out this year” “YAAAY” “That was the ironic cheer, right there!”.

Then it was absolutely freezing and I went home, listening to, well, B’z actually. I never was a proper punk XD