The Belgium attacks

Shortly after the Paris attacks last year, everybody on Facebook is changing thier profile pictures to French flags, when these virals start going around about atrocities that happened in other countries at the same time.

The same thing is happening in the wake of the Belgian attacks, but the virals are conspicuously absent. I really doubt the rest of the world was atrocity-free, that day, so why the lack of messages insisting we don’t just comemmorate the western victims?

It wouldn’t be anything to do with a certain magazine, which continues to be unrepentantly published in France, would it?


Oh, and, after the inevitable British attack, how many hours will it be before the Guardian article claiming we need a new flag, and not “this aggressive, jagged explosion”? 6 is not a low guess.


We had some weather recently


I time-travelled to the past, and it was black and white

 frost13-01.jpg – frost13-02.jpg

Oh also somebody left my work recently. Unlike every other time ever, I actually went to the leaving party (because unlike almost every other time ever, she hadn’t fucked me off by randomly having a go one morning because a gas cylinder ran out, when I have nothing to do with the gas cylinders, or something). I missed the last bus back to Madingley Road Park and Ride, so had to walk it. There’s a nice ‘spooky’ section right on the edge of the city, unfortunately I couldn’t take a decent pic with only the phone. But here ya go anyway.


Essex Lion

New sighting:


Admittedly this ought to have been posted well over a month ago. Remember that Labour MP who was pulled up for saying “white people love playing divide and conquer” and got caught? (Fuck off back to yankland, we don’t want their racial-chip-on-the-shoulder disease here) I made a “racist and sexist list of sexual conquests” list in response to it, which would have been hilarious at the time.

Shaving wierdness

So I was going to shave a few days ago when I noticed some unusually straight lines of already-bare skin…




Different angles…




Now I’m not gonna say alien abduction and skin sample… but, well the only other explanation I can think of involves time travelling Nazis… and that’s just silly.